Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan 29 - 32mm. Upper wings are dark brown with yellow orange chequer marks. The under surfaces are similar with a greenish tinge. Females are usually duller. The antennae have black clubs with orange tips. CHRYSALIS: 16mm. Buff and resembles dead grass. LARVA: 25mm. Starting greenish-yellow with a black collar eventually turning green with white lines and finally becoming buff-yellow. EGG: White, round and flattened. Found on wood false brome or purple moor-grass. Hatching time within 10 days. BEHAVIOUR: Fast and dashing flight with regular perching on bracken and bluebells.  Territorial and will investigate all intruders. Fond of blue flowers. HABITAT: Open woodland, scrubby areas, slopes and hillsides. FLIGHT PERIOD: May - June.  Single brooded.

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