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ADULT: Wingspan up to 11mm.  The forewings of this delightful moth are light to dark brown with occasional dark spotting with a creamy yellow band along the costal margin. The legs are brown and white and the moth stands with a distinctive upright posture. LARVA: The larva feeds in May and June from lightly spun shoots of Broom, Gorse, Dyer's Greenweed, Petty Whin and Tree Lupin. BEHAVIOUR: An adventive species spreading with the introduced Azalea and Rhododendron populations. Eggs are laid under the leaves of the host plant whereupon the larva forms a mine before rolling the leaf downwards from the tip to create a feeding cone. The adult moth is attracted to light. HABITAT: Gardens, ornamental parkland and wherever the host plants abound. FLIGHT PERIOD: 2-3 generations from May to October. STATUS: A widespread species with a southerly distribution in the UK.

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