Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 35 - 45mm. A wonderfully approachable hairstreak that has dark upper surfaces to the wings with a nice orangey patch on the forewing that is more extensive in the bigger female. The under-surface of all wings are a gorgeous light chocolate in colour with a darker band running throughthat is edge in wavy white lines. The wings are edged in white with a small tail on the hindwing. CHRYSALIS: 12mm. Dark and cylindrical. Located at base of grassy tussocks. LARVA: 18mm. Squat and lime to greenish with pronounced segments. EGG: White and easily found at the base of young Blackthorn twigs. BEHAVIOUR: Like most hairstreaks these little fellows can be quite elusive tucked away in hedgerows or within the confines of their chosen master tree, mainly Ash. When feeding they will descend to nearby knapweed and thistles where they can be very approachable. HABITAT: Whereever Blackthorn is prevalent and nearby Ash or woodland edges. Particularly fond of hedgerows. FLIGHT PERIOD: Late July to early October.

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