Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 25 - 31mm. A sweet member of the Blue family that, despite its mainly brown colouring is always a joy to see. Both sexes have brown upper surfaces to all wings with the females slightly darker. The edges of the wings have a series of orange lunules and the forewings have an obvious dark central dot on the upper surface. The undersides of the hindwings have a pair of black spots which form a figure of eight or colon. CHRYSALIS: Green and located on ground at base of foodplant. LARVA: Green with a buff edged white line running along each side. Slightly hairy and triangular in cross-section. Feeds on Common Rock Rose. EGG: A pale blue green disc found on underside of foodplant leaves. BEHAVIOUR: Another busy species that feeds and perches in open sunny areas. They communally bask in the morning and then spend the day feeding and in search of a mate. HABITAT: Chalky grasslands, south facing slopes and grassy dune systems. FLIGHT PERIOD: 2 broods. May to June and again July to early September.

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