Eugnorisma glareosa
Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 32-37mm.  A very common moth with brown forewings adorned with grey veins,  a chalky with outer cross-line that forms a 'W' towards the centre and an orangey blotch in the kidney mark.  The hindwing is dull whitish, pale fuscous towards the termen and with dark veining.  Other than this we have a very subtle species alternatively known as the Tomato Moth due to the occasional feeding habits of the larvae. LARVA: The body colour ranges from a dirty greenish-yellow to an olivaceus brown and is covered in a sprinkling of white specks and black dots.  There is a pale longitudinal line running along each flank just below the spiracles.  The larvae feed on a wide range of foodplants including Nettle, Fat-Hen, St-John's Worts, Hazel, Elm and Hop.  They also feed on Tomato plants and can become problematic. CHRYSALIS: Dark purple in colour and found underground or in soft wood. BEHAVIOUR: The larvae can be found from June to October, feeding at night.  Adults are attracted to light, sugar and nectar rich flowers. HABITAT: Gardens, woodland, hedgerows and saltmarshes. FLIGHT PERIOD: May to late July with a second generation in the south from August to September. STATUS: Frequent throughout and well distributed.

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