Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan 30-40mm.  This moth is usually seen with wings closed and is one of those species that is sexually dimorphic. Males have feathered antennae and tend to be of a sharper contrast with the dark brown and white upperwing surfaces whereas females have more subdued markings with the white patches more creamy in colour. Females do not have the feathery antennae (see Fig 1). CHRYSALIS: Overwinters in this stage amongst coniferous needles. LARVA: Dark green with a variety of longitudinal lines of pale blue, white and light greens. Found on pines. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light and can be numerous. Also males can be seen during the day around the tops of pine trees. HABITAT: Coniferous woodland. FLIGHT PERIOD: May - July. STATUS: Resident.  More common towards the South.

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