Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 25-30mm.  An exquisite moth with orange fore and hindwings adorned with a series of parallel orange lines and sporting a wide dark border of pink to fawn-brown. A dark triangular line can be found arising from the base of the forewing. Each forewing also has a tiny dark central spot. All colours can vary in intensity. Males have comb-like antenna. LARVA: The larvae feed on various Salix species as well as Grey Poplar, Black Poplar, Hazel and Alder. CHRYSALIS: Forms a cocoon amongst leaf litter. BEHAVIOUR: This species overwinters in the egg stage. Attracted to light. HABITAT: Damp woodlands, fens, marshes, scrub, hedgerows and gardens. FLIGHT PERIOD: July to September. STATUS: Locally frequent in England and Wales but uncommon in Scotland and Ireland.

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