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ADULT: Wingspan 30mm to 46mm.  A wonderful looking moth with creamy-buff coloured wings that have a speckling of darker spots and highly distinctive brownish-red line that forms an almost straight line between the slightly hooked wing tips. The fringes of the wings are a beautiful bright pink in colour and the males antennae are large and feathery. There is a rare melanic form f.nigra. LARVAE: The thin larvae are pale grey in colour with a series of darker 'V' shapes along the back.  They feed on low growing plants such as Dock and Knotgrass.  Overwinters in this stage. BEHAVIOUR: Easily disturbed from vegetation by day where, after a short flight, the moth will hunker down and allow decent viewings.  Attracted to light. HABITAT: A lover of Damp places including marshes, ditches and wet meadows but can also be found in and around hedgerows,  gardens and woodland rides. FLIGHT PERIOD: Occurring in two generations, from May to July and in August and September. STATUS: Resident and common across England and Wales although becoming scarcer from Yorkshire onwards.

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