Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 35-45mm.  A smart looking moth made up of a pattern of rich oranges, tawny, russet and purplish browns and various black markings and creamy-yellow cross-lines. The 3 tufts along the back are tawny brown in colour, the kidney spot in fresh specimens is distinct and the central golden Y mark is variable and can be split into a V and oval spot or be completely joined.   CHRYSALIS: Pupates in a cocoon located within a folded leaf. LARVA: A chunky green creature with white uneven longitudinal lines and very few hairs. Overwinters in this stage in litter and low vegetation. Feeds on species such as Common Ragwort, Wood Avens and Common Nettle amongst others.  BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light. HABITAT: Gardens, parkland, woodlands and waste ground. FLIGHT PERIOD: Late May to July. STATUS: Resident.  Common.

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