Eugnorisma glareosa
Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 32-38 mm.  A smart grey species whose main diagnostic features are the dark anvil-shaped mark between the kidney spot and the oval and the reddish cross-lines near the wing base. The forewing is rather narrow and angular and ranges in colour from steel grey, that now and again has pinkish tinges, to almost black. In Scotland there are darker sooty colour forms whereas in Kent an orange -brown form occurs. CHRYSALIS: Found underground in a fragile cocoon.  LARVA: Yellowish-brown with darker lines along the back and dark brown lines along the sides. The spiracles and dots are black in appearance. The larva feeds on various grasses and low plants such as Ling, Sallow and Wild Hyacinth. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light in small numbers. HABITAT: Woodland edges, heathland and gardens. FLIGHT PERIOD: August to September. STATUS: Resident.  Frequent.

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