Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan 30-40mm.  The dark metallic green forewings have 6 bright red spots which can be variable.  The spots may even be yellow or completely black.  The hindwings are red with a black fringe.  The antennae are thickened towards the end. CHRYSALIS: Found in a yellowish papery cocoon attached to grass. LARVA: Dumpy and pale green with 2 rows of black spots along the back.  Overwinters in this stage.  The foodplant is mainly birds-foot trefoil.  The trefoil contains small traces of cyanide which the larva ingests and so has an unpleasant taste which is carried through to adulthood. BEHAVIOUR: Day flying. HABITAT: Ubiquitous especially coastal. FLIGHT PERIOD: June to August. STATUS: Common throughout.

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