Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Up to 26mm. Also known as the Bronze Carabid this sizeable looking member of the Coleoptera family has a blackish-purple sheen to the head and pronotum and a more purple or greenish bronze appearance to the elytra. The elytra is broad and convex with the sculpture consisting of numerous lines of irregular longitudinal granules. The legs are black with each tibia having two long spurs at the front. BEHAVIOUR: A fast ground hunting species that is beneficial to gardeners and agriculturists as it eats a variety of slugs and snails as well as woodlice, millipedes and centipedes. It usually feeds at night. DISTRIBUTION: Allegedly a common beetle found throughout the British Isles but one that is not regularly encountered. HABITAT: Found under loose stones, logs, loose wood and litter usually in and around woodlands, agricultural land or well-vegetated areas. PERIOD: Found through spring to autumn with breeding taking place in the summer months.

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