Fig 1
CAP: 4-14cm in diameter.  Starting campanulate becoming convex to flattened but retaining slight umbo.  The surface colour varies from dark brown to umber with greyish overtones and has a felty centre that radiates in fine fibrils towards the sometimes wrinkled margin.  Viscid when wet. STIPE: White with fine dark brown fibrils giving a streaked effect.  Cylindrical in shape with the base slightly swollen. GILLS/PORES: The gills are remote and very crowded.  They are white at first gradually becoming salmon pink. FLESH: White and soft with pleasant aroma. SPORES: Pink, broadly ellipsoid. HABITAT: On dead logs, stumps, fallen branches etc. in deciduous woodland. SEASON: Common.  Spring to early autumn. EDIBILITY: Edible.

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