Fig 1
CAP: 1-4cm in diameter.  At first oval then becoming bell-shaped to conical. Dark reddish becoming paler towards the edge. Smooth and tacky sometimes striate or shallowly grooved. The margin has a somewhat tattered appearance. STIPE: 4-8cm long. Equal and delicate and covered with pale hairs giving a frosted appearance. GILLS/PORES: Gills are white becoming purplish and are narrowly attached to the stem. FLESH: Delicate, concolorous with the cap or paler and exuding a bloody latex when cut or crushed. No distinct odour and tastes slightly bitter. SPORES: White Broadly elliptical. HABITAT: Both deciduous and coniferous forests on rotten logs. SEASON: Frequent, autumn. EDIBILITY: Said to be edible but too small to be of any value.

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