Fig 1
CAP: 4-15cm wide.  The smooth cap is grey brown in colour through to brownish violet.  It starts off rounded eventually becoming flattened with occasional central depression.  The margin is inrolled, more so when young.  STIPE: Bulbous in base and of a bluish-lilac colour.  Fibrillose and seemingly covered in white mildew. GILLS/PORES: The gills are crowded and are a pale bluish lilac which become pinker with age. FLESH: Pleasantly scented and pale lilac to bluish in colour.  Thick. SPORES: Pale pink, ellipsoid with tiny warts. HABITAT: Often in large circular troops in broadleaved woodland.  Also hedgerows and gardens. SEASON: Frequent.  Autumn to early winter. EDIBILITY: Edible and very tasty.

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