Fig 1
CAP: 5-15cm tall, 2-5cm in diameter.  Broad, column-shaped becoming more bell-like in appearance. Starting white, dry with recurved scales and a brown central disc that slowly breaks up. STIPE: Up to 20cm tall. White, smooth and hollow. Bulbous base that can be overlooked and veil white and membranous. GILLS/PORES: Gills are adnexed to free starting white and becoming pink before finally deliquescing to a black, inky liquid. FLESH: White, soft and fibrous with a pleasant smell when young. SPORES: Black, smooth and elliptical. HABITAT: Singly or in troops on grassy areas. SEASON: Frequent.  Mainly late summer - autumn but if conditions are right can appear any month of the year. EDIBILITY: Edible but must be taken when young.

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