Fig 1
CAP: 4-12cm in diameter.  Lovely orange-yellow that is very viscid when wet and still retains a shiny appearance when dry. Starting roundish becoming flatter with an occasional umbo. STIPE: Yellow with a covering of orange scales. Equal and has a lighter area were the ring has fallen away. Above the ring the stem lacks any orange scales. GILLS/PORES: The pores are a beautiful lemon yellow becoming more cinnamon and bruising darker when pressed. The pores are protected by woolly white veil when young. FLESH: Pale yellow in cap darker in the stem. Firm at first becoming very soft. Odour faintly of Geraniums. SPORES: Ochre, subfusiform to ellipsoid. HABITAT: On the ground strictly symbiotic with Larch. SEASON:Common. Late summer to autumn.  EDIBILITY: Edible if the slimy cuticle is removed.

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