Fig 1
CAP: 5 - 15cm in diameter. Dark brown in colour becoming paler. At first it is hemispherical and later becomes flatter and dry to the touch. Slightly slimy when damp. STIPE: Up to 15cm high. Tapering upwards the white ground colour is covered in dark prominent flakes. GILLS/PORES: The pores are white becoming greyish with age and bruising ochraceous. FLESH: White becing greyer and does not change colour when cut. Holds water when damp and turns black when cooked. Has a faint pleasant smell. SPORES: Snuff brown, subfusiform. HABITAT: Solitary or in small loose groups under birch.  Preference for damp places. SEASON: Frequent.  Late summer to autumn. EDIBILITY: Edible but not worthwhile.

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