Another boring day of apathy
I’m looking for some retail therapy
I don’t know what to go and buy today
So I look at what the TV people say
They say that I should head off into town
Today I get a 10% discount
On something that I thought I didn’t want
On something that I need to go and flaunt

I want something, anything, as long as it’s cool
It’s got to be good cos I’m no fool
With ice-cold sunshine, there’s no rain
When it’s all wrapped up in cellophane

Big Mac, think Mac, Coke is it
The real thing, I’m loving it
This product placement in my brain
All wrapped up in cellophane

Well, I cannot start the day without Starbucks
And a cardboard cappuccino coffee cup
At lunchtime I dash into Burger King
Buy way too much then throw half in the bin
I’ll buy my evening meal from KFC
And buy a bucket that would feed fifteen
Then spend the night on my Playstation 3
Or spend some time with my Nintendo Wii


And the Picture, Bright House credit lenders take care of my needs
Consolidating my mistakes and feeding me with dreams
Easy payments, conscious free, it’s all part of the game
Until one day I find that I’m wrapped up in cellophane


They’re micro-softening us for the ride
But it’s OK cos it says Intel inside
I saw it on my new HDTV
And caught it on that Blu-Ray DVD
And I’ve seen it on those screens in Wetherspoon’s
And the podcast I downloaded from iTunes
And the adverts in the glossy magazines
And the hundred channels on my Sky TV
And the billboards that are up all over town
And the posters on the London underground
And the signs on the sides of the buses in the street
And the clothing of the people that we meet