So this is England like it or not
What hope & glory have we got
Home of the brave land of the free
Your just a number no identity
In every town & community
Like skeletons of what they used to be
Faceless places just memories
Lost in a disposable society

This is England,This is England
Fucked up

So this is england ravaged & torn
From Carlisle city to London town
This is England's jaded memory
It don't give a fuck about you & me
Those in power don't want to know
They will reap just what they sow
This is england like it or not
What fucking freedom have we got

This is England, this is england
Fucked up

So this is england for the chosen few
It don't wanna know about me & you
You can rot in your council flat
While they wine & dine getting fucking fat
They piss on the likes of you & me
We are the shit they don't wanna see
This is England I'm all right jack
They stab us all in the fucking back

This is England,this is england
Fucked up