Seanie Sean of



1. Streetpunk drunks Discography

Band members – SEANIE SEAN

2. What is the meaning of band name?

The name refers to punks who drink outdoors.

3. A full band history please?

The band formed in July 2007 and had first practice on 27th July with Palms on drums, Ste Ste on bass, Jay on guitar and Seanie on vocals. Jay turned up hung-over at next practice and had to go after an hour, so we played our first gig on Sunday 5th August as a 3 piece @ Bar Fresh in Liverpool. Carcass then joined on bass and Ste Ste went onto guitar. Ste Ste kept missing practice so we sacked him and replaced him with another Jay. We played gig number 2 @ Hotel California in Birkenhead. After the gig Carcass attacked Seanie with a pint glass and that was the end of him. Palms and Jay were told that under no circumstances would Seanie be in a band with Carcass and they either stayed in the band or not. They left and formed a shit covers band with Carcass. Played gigs 3 and 4 in Leeds on sat 10th November with cobbled together line up featuring Richie, Jan and Daz...

4. Arbitrarily slag down the band members!

They have no fucking self respect

5. Musical highs and lows (of SPD) so far?

Low point Leeds gig at the Fenton. Promoter was fucking useless. High point – first gig after 15 days.

6. Who writes the songs?

Seanie writes the lyrics he’s a fucking genius and the band write the music.

7. What do you think of promoters on the scene at the moment and in general?

What scene?

8. What does punk mean to you?

Fast music and beer

9. What would be you’re / band graffiti on the bog wall of life?


10. Other than SPD what have you been involved with (promotions and bands) a short history please?

Three other bands PROPPA UNKONSHUZ - a five piece Hardcore Punk band that played 10 gigs between December 1999 and may 2000, PROFESSOR JISM & THE BACKSTAGE BANDITS - a four piece Death Punk band that played three very short gigs in early 2005 and KRIPPPALZ WIV KANCER - a Death Doom Grindcore band that played thirty gigs between March 2006 and August 2007.

When I was in PROPPA UNKONSHUZ we played @ the Hanover Hotel in Liverpool and the manager gave us our own night on Mondays to put gigs on. This night lasted for six months even after the band split and some of the bands who played there were LOWLIFE (before they added the UK to the end of their name), ZOMBINA AND THE SKELETONES, HATEWORK, INSTANT AGONY, EXTERNAL MENACE, DOGSHIT SANDWICH, 0898, W@RM, ANARCHY SPANKY, LUNA SUIT, DOG FLAMBE, JO 90, EGG RAID, ADULESCENTS UK, HOMEBREW, GODZUKI, THE RELATIVES, VICTIMS, SECOND NATURE, HIPPY KILLER, PRIVATE BALACLAVA, PUSHED ASIDE, MEDULLA NOCTE, THE CURIOUS DOCTOR HUMP, LINDEN HEY, ELEMENT, GUNPOINT CO-OPERATION, SUSPICIOUS STAINS, ROTUNDA, INTENTION & EASTFIELD

I’ve put various gigs on over the years at other venues in and around Liverpool.

11. You say there is no 'scene', why do you think this is and what then keeps you going with bands and promotions?

You get people who only ever go to one venue or will only go to a gig if their mates are playing or they have someone to go the gig with. I’ve been all over seeing gigs as its no fucking use waiting at home for your favourite bands to come to Liverpool.

You also get gigs were a local band plays then all there mates fuck off and don’t stay to support the other bands.

If you put a great band on then you get to see good bands and to be honest I've been to some gigs were if I was the promoter I’d be fucking embarrassed by the shite I’d foisted on the punters. I like being in bands. You can get on stage and piss about.

12. What are the best / worst gigs you've ever been involved with and why (some stories please)?

The best was PROPPA UNKONSHUZ @ the Hanover on 1st May 2000 - we were fucking awesome and played 20 songs in 30 minutes - the pit was mad. This was probably helped by DOGSHIT SANDWICH who were .. us and who played a fucking blinder and got the crowd in the mood.

The worst gig was when I met someone who was in a band when I was pissed and said they could play on one of my gigs. Well lets put it this way people were walking out of the gig as they were fucking horrendous and after the gig the band DEAD SEA TAPES made a very quick exit from the venue and never stayed to see the other bands. They were truly fucking awful.


Interview by Richie (07)