Fungal sightings found here
22nd January 2018 - Wright's Wood NR, Stockport, Cheshire - Mooching for a few fungi - a Raven flew over, Dusky and Large Yellow Slugs were noted and a Wren was flitting about nearby.

21st January 2018 - Chorlton WP. G. Manchester - Ghastly weather but we pootled out. 30 bird species were seen, these being:- Jay; Magpie; Blue Tit; Great Tit; Wood Pigeon; Dunnock; House Sparrow; Grey Wagtail; Blackbird; Chaffinch; Carrion Crow; Black Headed Gull; Feral Pigeon; Robin; Collared Dove; Grey Heron; Pochard; Tufted Duck; Mute Swan; Greenfinch; Coot; Moorhen; Mallard; Cormorant; Canada Goose; Great Crested Grebe; Long Tailed Tit; Redwing; Common Gull and Goldfinch.

20th January 2018 - River Mersey, Stockport, Cheshire - A bike ride, a miserable day and ruddy perishing, not much about but I did note the following birds:- Jay; Blue Tit; Blackbird; Dunnock; Magpie; Wood Pigeon; Long Tailed Tit; Moorhen; Redwing; Ring Necked Parakeet; Mistle Thrush; Robin; Great Tit; Goldfinch; Grey Heron; Mallard; Carrion Crow; Cormorant; Goosander; Song Thrush and Canada Goose.
14th January 2018 - Ardsley Reservoir, Wakefield, W. Yorkshire - It was going dark, we decided to have a quick stretching walk around this 2.45 km loop. Dog walkers were plentiful, the night-time chill was setting in, 13 bird species was the total:- Rook; Jackdaw; Carrion Crow; Magpie; Black Headed Gull; Starling; Blue Tit; Mallard; Tufted Duck; Wood Pigeon; Collared Dove; Common Gull and Long Tailed Tit.

14th January 2018 - Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds, W. Yorkshire - A walk around the ruined Abbey and a mooch down the river - 13 birds were noted:- Wood Pigeon; Black Headed Gull; Carrion Crow; Feral Pigeon; Magpie; Robin; Blackbird; Jay; Long Tailed Tit; Cormorant; Blue Tit; Mallard and Grey Heron.

Snowdrops were in flower.


14th January 2018 - Rodley NR, Leeds, W. Yorkshire - An early morning stroll with some tea and cake thrown into the mix. 39 bird species were seen, these were:- Wood Pigeon; Black Headed Gull; Starling; Carrion Crow; Blue Tit; Chaffinch; Bullfinch; Great Tit; Robin; Dunnock; Magpie; Feral Pigeon; Pochard; Tufted Duck; Moorhen; Gadwall; Grey Heron; Common Gull; Goldcrest; Mute Swan; Teal; Cormorant; Linnet; Blackbird; Wren; Mistle Thrush; Goosander; Jackdaw; Long Tailed Tit; Song Thrush; Common Pheasant; Greenfinch; Reed Bunting; Pied Wagtail; Stock Dove; Goldfinch; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Shoveler and Little Grebe only spotted by my good lady.

White Dead Nettle and Winter Heliotrope were both in flower.

8th January 2018 - Reddish Vale CP, Stockport, Cheshire - A good bike ride in clear sunny skies. 29 bird species were noted, these were:- Dunnock; Wren; Great Tit; Blackbird; Canada Goose; Chaffinch; Black Headed Gull; Mallard; Mute Swan; Tufted Duck; Coot; Starling; House Sparrow; Carrion Crow; Blue Tit; Magpie; Collared Dove; Moorhen; Goosander; Robin; Grey Heron; Cormorant; Mistle Thrush; Jackdaw; Long Tailed Tit and Grey Wagtail + Ring Necked Parakeet; Nuthatch and Great Spotted Woodpecker on call.
7th January 2018 - Shibden CP, Halifax, W. Yorkshire - A 30 minute walk, tea and cake and done for the day. Only 9 birds seen, shocking:- Magpie; Wood pigeon; Jackdaw; Coot; Moorhen; Black Headed Gull; Mallard; Blue Tit and Mute Swan.
7th January 2018 - Cromwell Bottom NR, Brighouse, W. Yorkshire - A wander with the lasses, frozen and cold with only 21 bird species seen:- Cormorant; Mistle Thrush; Buzzard; Canada Goose; Sparrowhawk; Bullfinch; Carrion Crow; Long Tailed Tit; Nuthatch; Goldcrest; Mallard; Coal Tit; Black Headed Gull; Chaffinch; Blue Tit; Great Tit; Jay; Wood Pigeon; Magpie; Robin and Goldfinch.
6th January 2018 - River Mersey, Stockport, Cheshire - An early morn 5 mile bike ride, a male Bullfinch showed his white arse as he flew in front on me and then perched up and Ivy Leaved Toadflax; Yarrow; Ox-Eye Daisy and Thale Cress were noted in flower.

5th January 2018 - Tatton Park, Cheshire - A walks with a good fellow today who was good company and contributed to a grand day out. Birds listed totalled 42, these being:- Wood Pigeon; Robin; Nuthatch; Carrion Crow; Jackdaw; Great Tit; Long Tailed Tit; Magpie; Jay; Goldcrest; Coal Tit; Goldfinch; Chaffinch; Blackbird; Buzzard; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Treecreeper; Wren; Coot; Mallard; Grey Heron; Stock Dove; Black Headed Gull; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Canada Goose; Feral Greylag Goose; Mute Swan; Tufted Duck; Pochard; Cormorant; Great Crested Grebe; Mistle Thrush; Green Woodpecker (*4); Goosander; Goldeneye; Little Grebe; Wigeon; Siskin; Common Gull; Starling and Moorhen + Common Pheasant on call.

4 Short Tailed Voles were seen; a 7 Spot Ladybird was enjoying the sun, a Frog was noted beneath a log as well as the Variegated Centipede (Lithobius variegatus).

Holm Oak (Quercus ilex) was identified due to its glossy leaves that look like a cross between a normal Oak Leaf and a Holly Leaf. It is also known as the Evergreen Oak, a very useless pointer.


4th January 2018 - Bruntwood Park, Stockport, Cheshire - A bike ride of about 5 miles, I had a wander around this local area but dog walkers dictate and birds are not easy to list. 19 species were noted, these were:- Carrion Crow; Great Tit; Blue Tit; Blackbird; Magpie; Redwing; Wood Pigeon; Mistle Thrush; Kestrel; Long Tailed Tit; Robin; House Sparrow; Collared Dove; Coal Tit; Mallard; Black Headed Gull; Feral Pigeon; Mandarin Duck and Moorhen.

The Variegated Centipede (Lithobius variegatus) was noted whilst rolling logs.

3rd January 2018 - Gorsey Bank, Stockport, Cheshire - Cycling back home, Daisy; Red Campion; Wavy Bittercress and Shepherd's Purse all sporting flowers.

3rd January 2018 - Abney Hall, Stockport, Cheshire - On the bike again and after yesterdays soaking today I was duly wind blown so just did a swift 3 miles. It was too wicked for the birds, only 16 species seen:- Wood Pigeon; Goldfinch; Siskin; Coot; Mallard; Moorhen; Treecreeper; Great Tit; Long Tailed Tit; Blackbird; Robin; Dunnock; Magpie; Black Headed Gull; Blue Tit and Carrion Crow.

The Ash Gall (Aceria fraxinivora) was seen as well as Wood Avens in flower. A Pygmy Woodlouse was also noted beneath a log.


2nd January 2018 - Fletcher Moss, G. Manchester - 6 miles on the bike today, 22 bird species seen:- Mallard; Moorhen; Magpie; Blackbird; Carrion Crow; Robin; Ring Necked Parakeet; Coal Tit; Great Tit; Blue Tit; Long Tailed Tit; Dunnock; Song Thrush; Wood Pigeon; Grey Heron; Goosander; Grey Wagtail; Chaffinch; Redwing; Starling; Cormorant and Mistle Thrush.

A Grey Squirrel was gutsing itself stupid on the bird feeders, Greater Periwinkle was sporting a fresh flower and only one good bunch of Mistletoe was seen.

 Phytomyza ilicis and Taxomyia taxi were the only 2 galls seen and a Striped Woodlouse was noted whilst looking at fungi as well as a couple of Garden Snails.


1st January 2018 - River Mersey, Stockport, Cheshire - A 5 mile cycle ride, 25 birds seen:- Greenfinch; Redwing; Wood Pigeon; Blackbird; Grey Heron; Mallard; Goosander; Dunnock; Magpie; Cormorant; Blue Tit; Robin; Mistle Thrush; Jackdaw; Long Tailed Tit; Goldfinch; Siskin; Sparrowhawk; Nuthatch; House Sparrow; Common Gull; Black Headed Gull; Moorhen; Kingfisher and Great Tit.

A Fox was on the edge of a sports field, Large Yellow Slugs were seen beneath a log whilst looking for fungi as well as a good mass of Shiny Woodlice.

Common Gorse; Lesser Celandine and Mahonia were all in flower.