News from within and outside the area.

16th September 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Cycling to work and 15 Shaggy Ink Caps (Coprinus comatus) were looking dapper on a dew kissed verge and a hefty specimen of the Ink-Stain Bolete (Cyanoboletus pulverulentus) beneath a Beech tree was lovely to see.

Riding homeward I saw a small troop of the White Fibrecap (Inocybe geophylla) and some fresh Smoky Bracket (Bjerkandera adusta) - nice.

15th September 2020 - Cheadle Heath, Stockport, G. Manchester - Walking to football and Agaricus arvensis and Paxillus involutus were both growing at the roadside.
14th September 2020 - Mirrlees Fields, Stockport, G. Manchester - A walk assessing the general area striving to defy the building plans that seem to be pending. The ground was baked but we did find a handful of fungi:- Meripilus giganteus; Stereum hirsutum; Microsphaera alphitoides; Erysiphe heraclei; Vuilleminia comedens; Scleroderma citrinum; Peniophora quercina; Leccinum scabrum; Taphrina tosquinetii; Inocybe geophylla; Inocybe geophylla var lilacina; Bolbitius titubans; Claviceps purpurea; Crepidotus cesatii; Paxillus obscurisporus and Diatrype quercina.
12th September 2020 - Harthill Cookery School, Cheshire - The last ever event at The Harthill Cookery School before its pending closure. The weather was stunning and the ground too dry for fungi but we did manage a small list, these were:- Melampsoridium betulinum; Imleria badia; Scleroderma citrinum; Fomitopsis betulina; Neoerysiphe galeopsidis; Pholiota flammans; Kretzschmaria deusta; Rhopographus filicinus; Hyphodontia sambuci; Ganoderma australe; Phallus impudicus; Paxillus involutus; Erysiphe urticae; Microsphaeria alphitoides; Daldinia concentrica; Coprinellus micaceus; Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma; Hypoxylon fragiforme; Polyporus squamosus; Stereum hirsutum; Amanita rubescens; Trametes gibbosa; Neoboletus luridiformis; Rhytisma acerinum; Erysiphe heraclei; Polyporus leptocephalus; Trametes versicolor; Heterobasidion annosum; Sawadaea bicornis; Phacidium multivalve; Trochila ilicina; Puccinia lagenophorae; Pluteus cervinus; Galerina vittiformis; Russula graveolens and Melampsora euphorbiae.

9th September 2020 - Woodbank Park, Stockport, G. Manchester - A few fungi noted today whilst nattering with some carers from work.  Lacrymaria lacrymabunda; Hypoxylon fragiforme; Bjerkandera adusta; Mycena galopus; Stereum hirsutum; Rhytisma acerinum; Schizophyllum commune; Inocybe geophylla; Exidia plana; Scleroderma areolatum and Mycena tenerrima; Tubaria furfuracea; Seifertia azaleae; Auricularia auricula-judae; Microsphaera alphitoides were all admired and discussed.

I later added Clavulinopsis luteoalba; Inocybe rimosa and Russula amoenolens.

8th September 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - More microscopy with a good hour spent just to confirm Inocybe fuscidula agg - sometimes it goes like that!
7th September 2020 - Abney Hall, Stockport, Cheshire - Cycling home after meeting up with a lady regarding trying to get a new area on the map and hopefully increase its biodiversity. I wanted to see 10 fungi whilst waltzing through this local park, the species seen were:- Lepiota cristata; Clitopilus prunulus; Lactarius glyciosmus; Mycena galopus; Agaricus xanthoderma; Pucciniastrum epilobii; Puccinia violae; Byssomerulius corium; Seifertia azaleae and Melanoleuca verrucipes.
6th September 2020 - Melverley Meadows NR, Shropshire - The 2nd location of the day and one done at a pleasant pace with fungi not really on the radar. We did manage to see a few however, these were:- Calocybe carnea; Gymnopilus penetrans; Clavulina cinerea; Amanita ceciliae; Agaricus arvensis; Paxillus involutus; Peniophora quercina; Erysiphe heraclei; Laccaria laccata; Hypomyces chrysospermus; Amanita rubescens; Macrolepiota procera; Trametes versicolor; Rickenella fibula; Lactarius pyrogalus; Claviceps purpurea and Stereum hirsutum.

6th September 2020 - Brown Moss, Shropshire - Me and the missus had a lovely gemtle walk and even found a place to have tea and cake, ooh magic. The fungi were slow going but fairly steady, the end tally of 77 was very pleasing indeed. The species listed were:- Trechispora stevensonii; Conocybe pubescens; Sporormiella minima; Cheilymenia granulata; Cercophora coprophila; Xerocomellus cisalpinus; Crepidotus applanatus; Xerocomus subtomentosus; Parasola leiocephala; Tubaria furfuracea; Abortiporus biennis; Russula amoenolens; Melanospora lagenaria; Schizopora paradoxa; Agaricus arvensis; Sawadaea bicornis; Lepiota cristata; Mycena galopus; Marasmius rotula; Russula nigricans; Psathyrella candolleana; Hypocrea pulvinata; Hyphodontia sambuci; Auricularia auricula-judae; Xylaria longipes; Rhytisma acerinum; Puccinia aegopodii; Lasiosphaeria ovina; Phlebia tremellosa; Melampsoridium betulinum; Rhodocollybia maculata; Trametes gibbosa; Gymnopus confluens; Boletus edulis; Lactarius tabidus; Amanita rubescens; Leccinum scabrum; Erysiphe heraclei; Peniophora quercina; Gymnopus dryophila; Imleria badia; Byssomerulius corium; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Ganoderma australe; Fomes fomentarius; Fomitopsis betulina; Nectria cinnabarina; Ganoderma applanatum; Pucciniastrum circaeae; Coprinellus micaceus; Russula ochroleuca; Clavulina coralloides; Stereum gausapatum; Bjerkandera adusta; Trametes versicolor; Polyporus leptocephalus; Rhopographus filicinus; Trichoderma viride; Calocera cornea; Mycena pura; Xerocomellus pruinatus; Amanita fulva; Lactarius turpis; Trochila ilicina; Phacidium multivalve; Hypomyces chrysospermus; Postia subcaesia; Paxillus involutus; Stereum hirsutum; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Scleroderma areolatum; Scleroderma citrinum; Vuilleminia comedens; Microsphaera alphitoides; Coprinus foetidella and the myxos Fuligo septica and Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa.

3rd September 2020 - Heaton Moor, Stockport, G. Manchester - 23 specimens of Agaricus xanthoderma weer found growing beneath a Field Maple - they were ruddy lovely and the first of the year.
2nd September 2020 - Gatley Carrs, Stockport, G. Manchester - Some stonking specimens of Geastrum triplex were gushed over and some old Hymenochaete rubiginosa was seen below a rolled log.  
31st August 2020 - Hulmes Wood, Tameside, G. Manchester - A quick brisk walk with the mind on exploring a new area. A few fungi were recorded along the way, these were:- Fistulina hepatica; Clavulina coralloides; Scleroderma areolatum; Rhytisma acerinum; Stereum hirsutum; Hypoxylon fuscum; Vuillemina coryli; Claviceps purpurea; Microsphaera alphitoides; Hymenoscyphus albidus and Hypoxylon petriniae.
30th August 2020 - Fernilee Reservoir, Derbyshire - A walk with a couple of friends and the fungi was slow going (I am sire some pesky foragers didn't help). We did eventually (after microscopy) knock up 78 species with a few examples slipping through the net. The end list was:- Mycena olida; Cortinarius delibutus; Lactarius tabidus; Hymenoscyphus albidus; Pulvinula convexella; Crepidotus cesatii; Mycena arcangeliana; Crepidotus variabilis; Claviceps purpurea; Taphrina betulina; Coleosporium tussilaginis; Lactarius aurantiacus; Nectria cinnabarina; Trichoderma viride; Xerocomellus pruinatus; Gymnopus peronatus; Xylaria longipes; Russula violeipes; Phallus impudicus; Kuehneromyces mutabilis; Polyporus leptocephalus; Neoboletus luridiformis; Russula ochroleuca; Oxyporus populinus; Neobulgaria pura; Tylopilus felleus; Mycena galopus; Rickenella fibula; Chondrostereum purpureum; Laccaria laccata; Trochila ilicina; Stereum rugosum; Schizopora paradoxa; Fomes fomentarius; Royoporus badius; Pleurotus ostreatus; Peziza badia; Leccinum scabrum; Amanita rubescens; Clitopilus prunulus; Scleroderma areolatum; Hypocrea pulvinata; Scleroderma citrinum; Lactarius quietus; Mycena acicula; Amanita crocea; Trametes versicolor; Amanita fulva; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Stereum hirsutum; Fomitopsis betulina; Suillus grevellei; Leotia lubrica; Russula claroflava; Rhytisma acerinum; Exidia thurietiana; Xylaria hypoxylon; Hypoxylon fragiforme; Ganoderma australe; Cantharellus cibarius; Dacrymyces stillatus; Calocera cornea; Sawadaea bicornis; Erysiphe heraclei; Calocera pallido-spathulata; Nectria episphaeria; Hypoxylon howeanum; Datronia mollis; Microsphaera alphitoides; Vuilleminia comedens; Rhopographus filicinus; Pucciniastrum circaeae; Puccinia circaeae; Hypomyces chrysospermus; Psathyrella candolleana; Mycena hiemalis; Bisporella sulfurina and the myxo Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa.

26th August 2020 - Chadkirk Chapel, Stockport, G. Manchester - A mooch for some fungi with only 36 species seen, these were:- Russula violeipes; Marasmius torquescens; Marasmius hudsonii; Mycena corynephora; Crepidotus cesatii; Parasola leiocephala; Puccinia behenis; Agrocybe rivulosa; Fomitopsis betulina; Coleosporium tussilaginis; Ganoderma australe; Claviceps purpurea; Stereum gausapatum; Sawadaea bicornis; Microsphaera alphitoides; Rhytisma acerinum; Peniophora quercina; Puccinia veronicae; Belonidium sulphureum; Phacidium multivalve; Lactarius blennius; Albugo candida; Sphaerotheca epilobii; Puccinia caricina var. ribesii-pendulae; Bjerkandera adusta; Xylaria longipes; Trametes gibbosa; Auricularia auricula-judae; Gymnopus peronatus; Amanita fulva; Rickenella fibula; Stereum hirsutum; Xerocomellus pruinatus; Exidia thurietiana and Schizopora paradoxa.

23rd August 2020 - Styal CP, Cheshire - A short walk done and not much happening on the fungal front, to be fair though we were hardly looking and too tired to be bothered. What we did list was fairly common stuff on a rather grey and flat day. The small list was:- Conocybe apala; Erysiphe heraclei; Claviceps purpurea; Polyporus leptocephalus; Stereum hirsutum; Xylaria polymorpha; Puccinastrum epilobii; Rhopographus filicinus; Seifertia azaleae; Gymnopus peronatus; Scleroderma citrinum; Scleroderma arealoatum; Pucciniastrum circaeae; Coleosporium tussilaginis; Puccinia aegopodii; Sawadaea bicornis; Microsphaera alphitoides; Rhytisma acerinum and Golovinomyces sordidus.
16th August 2020 - Little Budworth CP, Cheshire - The second short fungal wander of the day and again the myco-world wasn't playing ball. The species seen were:- Heterobasidion annosum; Amanita citrina; Amanita fulva; Pleurotus ostreatus; Taphrina betulina; Fomes fomentarius; Hypholoma fasciculare; Rhopographus filicinus; Calocera cornea; Kretzschmaria deusta; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Scleroderma areolatum; Bolbitius titubans; Calocera viscosa; Rickenella fibula; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Scleroderma citrinum; Meripilus giganteus; Phacidium multivalve; Ganoderma australe; Phallus impudicus; Auricularia auricula-judae; Datronia mollis; Xylaria longipes; Stereum hirsutum; Trametes versicolor and the myxo Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa.

16th August 2020 - Hob Hey Wood, Cheshire - The first of a couple of short fungus pootles indicated a tough day with the ground to dry to give a decent return. The species name on the day were:- Scleroderma areolatum; Pucciniastrum circaeae; Puccinia veronicae; Hypoxylon petriniae; Hyphodontia sambuci; Bisporella sulfurina; Phacidium multivalve; Trametes versicolor; Bjerkandera adusta; Hypomyces chrysospermus; Daldinia concentrica; Polyporus squamosus; Schizopora paradoxa; Psathyrella candolleana; Stereum hirsutum; Nectria cinnabarina; Laccaria laccata; Lactarius quietus; Stereum rugosum; Xylaria hypoxylon; Auricularia auricula-judae; Mycena tenerrima; Rhopographus filicinus; Microspaheria alphitoides; Lactarius pyrogalus; Marasmius rotula; Conocybe apala; Cyanoboletus pulverulentus; Phallus impudicus; Sawadaea bicornis; Microsphaera alphitoides; Parasola megasperma; Russula sororia; Crepidotus cesatii; Crepidotus lundelii; Hygrocybe insipida and the myxo Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa.

We did have a Xerocomellus we couldn't agree on and a few more that eluded naming after my scope went twang - bugger.

9th August 2020 - Burton Leonard Lime Quarry, N. Yorkshire - Phragmidium sanguisorbae was seen on Salad Burnet.
9th August 2020 - Staveley NR, N. Yorkshire - Fungi seen today were:- Puccinia punctiliformis; Puccinia poarum; Bolbitius titubans; Rhytisma acerinum; Sawadaea bicornis; Sphaerotheca epilobii; Erysiphe heraclei and Puccinia aegopdi.
8th August 2020 - Tame Valley, Denton, G. Manchester - A walk with my mate STP Stu before some football and a few fungi seen, these were:- Gymnopus confluens; Russula nobilis; Laccaria laccata; Hypholoma fasciculare; Hypomyces chrysospermus; Sphaerotheca epilobii; Abortiporus biennis and Marasmius rotula.

6th August 2020 - Heaton Moor, Stockport, G. Manchester - On my way to work and some great plates of Meripilus giganteus were pushing out from a tree stump and nearby Coprinopsis lagopus was feeding away on woodchip.  As I did a spot of gardening in my dinnerbreak I saw a few Honey Waxcaps (Hygrocybe reidii) on the lawn - the were smelling delicious.

5th August 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Melampsoridium betulinum; Puccinia poarum and Mycena tenerrima were the only fungi seen whilst roaming home after work.
5th August 2020 - Heaton Moor, Stockport, G. Manchester - A walk in the dinner hour - Pholiota squarrosa; Amanita rubescens; Armillaria mellea; Lactarius fulvissimus and Laccaria laccata were the few fungi seen.

2nd August 2020 - Holly Wood WT, Derbyshire - With soil as dry as a bone fungi were absent but we did manage to note:- Rhytisma acerinum; Erysiphe heraclei; Marasmius rotula; Volvopluteus gloiocephalus and Entomophthora muscae. The latter species had wiped out several swarms of fly that had all died on various cow-pats. Also on the said dung was Cheilymenia granulata.

2nd August 2020 - Hoe Grange Quarry WT, Derbyshire - Phragmidium sanguisorbae was seen for the first time this year.
1st August 2020 - Nutsford Vale, Levenshulme, G. Manchester - Lactarius deterrimus; Claviceps purpurea and Microsphaera alphitoides were the only fungi seen on a quick walk.
30th July 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - A different route home and underneath Hazel I spied Lactarius pyrogalus and Chalciporus pipertaus with Russula fragilis nearby. A specimen of Paxillus involutus was past its best but Tricholoma scalpturatum was fruiting in decent abundance. Psathyrella candolleana was in a small group poking up from some recently mown turf.
29th July 2020 - Heaton Moor, Stockport, G. Manchester - Whilst gardening duties were being undertaken at work Hygrocybe conica and Rickenella fibula were seen on the lawn and Hypholoma fasciculare was growing from the base of an old Hawthorn.

27th July 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - A ride home and a quick pootle along a short hedgerow. There was nothing much happening except for a few specimens of Laccaria laccata and Inocybe geophylla but I did see the mildews:- Erysiphe urticae; Sawadaea bicornis; Sphaerotheca epilobii; Erysiphe heraclei; Microsphaera alphitoides and the rust fungus Puccinia pulverulenta.

Inocybe griseolilacina was later keyed out as was Clavulinopsis helvola.


26th July 2020 - Mere Sands Wood, Lancashire - What should have been a group meet-up ended up with just me and the missus - darn this COVID scare. We pootled along, expecting little and ended up with a very early season tally of 86 species. The list was:- Agaricus silvaticus; Lanzia echinophila; Crepidotus cesatii; Tarzetta cupularis; Marasmius vaillantii; Inocybe asterospora; Polydesmia pruinosa; Mycena rhenana; Mycena filopes; Pluteus romellii; Russula amoenolens; Puccinia lagenopharae; Kuehneromyces mutabilis; Phacidium multivalve; Trochila ilicina; Lepiota cristata; Russula claroflava; Stereum gausapatum; Russula cyanoxantha; Lactarius quietus; Pluteus cervinus; Xylaria longipes; Rhytisma acerinum; Phallus impudicus; Ganoderma australe; Psathyrella candolleana; Calocera cornea; Ganoderma applanatum; Coprinellus micaceus; Amanita rubescens; Gymnopilus penetrans; Rhopographus filicinus; Schizopora paradoxa; Russula nigricans; Laccaria amethystea; Lactarius blennius; Trametes gibbosa; Hymenopellis radicata; Schizophyllum commune; Hygrocybe conica; Hypomyces chrysospermus; Coprinopsis atramentaria; Stereum hirsutum; Nectria episphaeria; Leccinum scabrum; Fomes fomentarius; Lactarius vietus; Lactarius tabidus; Russula betularum; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Pluteus salicinus; Amanita fulva; Rickenella fibula; Nectria cinnabarina; Amanita muscaria; Bolbitius titubans; Laetiporus sulphureus; Dacrymyces stillatus; Leratiomyces ceres; Trametes versicolor; Hypoxylon fragiforme; Auricularia auricula-judae; Mycena galopus; Stereum rameale; Melanotus horizontalis; Exidia glandulosa; Paxillus involutus; Hypholoma fasciculare; Polyporus leptocephalus; Mycena acicula; Phloeomana speirea; Mycena tenerrima; Erisyphe heraclei; Calyptella capula; Microsphaera alphitoides; Microbotryum violaceum; Fomitopsis betulina; Mycena inclinata; Kuehneola uredinis; Agrocybe praecox; Crepidotus versutus; Tubaria furfuracea; Coprinellus disseminatus; Lactarius fulvissimus; Inocybe agardhii and the myxo Fuligo septica.

25th July 2020 - Wythenshawe Park, G. Manchester - A short walk and a few fungi eventually sussed. The final few named and shamed were:- Bjerkandera adusta; Rhytisma acerinum; Amanita rubescens; Meripilus giganteus; Bolbitius titubans; Trametes versicolor; Abortiporus biennis; Panaeolina foenisecii; Ganoderma australe; Paxillus involutus; Hymenopellis radicata; Rickenella fibula; Marasmius rotula; Hortiboletus rubellus; Russula amoenolens; Russula grisea and Mycena rhenana.

22nd July 2020 - Heaton Moor, Stockport, G. Manchester - A few specimens of Amanita rubescens were now showing and a cluster of Coprinellus micaceus were growing from the bottom of a wall, there be wood buried somewhere.

20th July 2020 - Etherow CP, Stockport, G. Manchester - 51 fungal species were seen today:- Neoboletus luridiformis; Bjerkandera adusta; Laccaria amethystea; Phacidium multivalve; Trochila ilicina; Paxillus involutus; Coprinellus micaceus; Trametes versicolor; Rhytisma acerinum; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Kuehneromyces mutabilis; Mycena galopus; Amanita rubescens; Polyporus squamosus; Oxyporus populinus; Phloeomana speirea; Postia subcaesia; Hypoxylon fragiforme; Crepidotus mollis; Hyphodontia sambuci; Hypomyces chrysospermus; Rhopographus filicinus; Fomes fomentarius; Phallus impudicus; Polyporus leptocephalus; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Puccinia circaeae; Microbotryum stellariae; Auricularia auricula-judae; Mycena acicula; Laetiporus sulphureus; Hypocrea pulvinata; Hypholoma fasciculare; Laccaria laccata; Trichaptum abietinum; Suillus grevellei; Russula nobilis; Fomitopsis betulina; Crepidotus cesatii; Crepidotus variabilis; Melanospora lagenaria; Coprinellus disseminatus; Tarzetta cupularis; Gymnosporangium confusum; Hymenoscyphus albidus; Mycena amicta; Mycena stylobates; Russula foetens; Pluteus chrysophaeus; Xerocomellus cisalpinus and Puccinia veronicae.
18th July 2020 - Cringle Park, Levenshulme, G. Manchester - A short walk in the rain around a small urban park, the fungi identified were:- Amanita fulva; Bjerkandera adusta; Marasmiellus vaillantii; Marasmius rotula; Hypholoma fasciculare; Stereum gausapatum; Panaeolina foenisecii; Tubaria conspersa; Entoloma rhodopolium; Hymenoscyphus albidus and Xerocomellus rubellus.
16th July 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - A few more fungi seen on the way home:- Paxillis involutus; Marasmiellus ramealis; Leccinum scabrum and Inocybe geophyllla.

15th July 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - A wander home hopping on and off the bike. It was a foul day but beneath the trees brightness was had via a few fungi, these being:- Xerocomellus cisalpinus; Psathyrella candolleana; Paxillus involutus; Pulvinula convexella; Crepidotus cesatii; Mycena filopes and Coprinellus disseminatus. Every specimen was checked via the microscope and I was fagged at the end of the squinting investigations. An Inocybe was carefully keyed out until I got down to a choice of 4 - the spores fitted closely to I. flocculosa which is considered an aggregate of further undiscovered species - cripes.

14th July 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Cycling home and one patch of Inocybe dulcamara has gone crazy with over 100 specimens of all shapes and sizes. Nearby I found the first batch of Laccaria laccata for the season - a grand old friendly favourite for sure.
14th July 2020 - Heaton Moor, Stockport, G. Manchester - A dinnertime walk, I grabbed a couple of fungi for further investigation, there were:- Agaricus bitorquis; Tubaria dispersa and Psathyrella bipellis.
13th July 2020 - Ladybrook Valley Cycleway, Stockport, G. Manchester - A few fungi were noted whilst wandering about to stretch the legs, these were:- Kuehneromyces mutabilis; Pluteus salicinus; Phloeomana speirea and Gymnopus confluens.
12th July 2020 - Brockadale NR, W. Yorkshire - Today's fungal list consisted of:- Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Fomitopsis betulina; Fomes fomentarius; Auricularia auricula-judae; Nectria cinnabarina; Microbotryum lychnidis-dioicae; Coprinellus disseminatus; Tricholomella constricta and Coprinellus micaceus.
9th July 2020 - Bruntwood Park, Stockport, G. Manchester - A carers walk, a few fungi were noted, these being:- Mycena capillaripes; Panaeolina foenisecii; Hypomyces aurantius; Marasmius rotula; Bjerkandera adusta; Trametes gibbosa; Byssomerulius corium; Stereum hirsutum; Vuilleminia comedens; Schizopora paradoxa; Polyporus leptocephalus; Puccinia punctiformis; Pleurotus ostreatus; Auricularia auricula-judae; Kretzschmaria deusta; Calocera cornea; Russula heterophylla; Ganoderma australe and Abortiporus biennis.
8th July 2020 - Abney Hall, Stockport, G. Manchester - Melanoleuca verrucipes was seen growing on some woodchip with the rather more common Coprinopsis lagopus.
8th July 2020 - Didsbury, Stockport, G. Manchester - Oodles of Bird's Nest Fungi (Cyathus striatus) were freshly emerged and still had their unkempt caps on.

6th July 2020 - Wright's Wood, Stockport, G. Manchester - A few fungi whilst bug-hunting, these were:- Mycena acicula; Marasmius rotula (is there a relationship between these two species); Laetiporus sulphureus; Scutellinia trechispora; Psathyrella pseudogracilis; Parasola leiocephala and Kuehneromyces mutabilis.

5th July 2020 - Alkincoats Park, Colne, Lancashire - A walk in the wind, fungi were not playing today but we did pick out:- Crepidotus mollis; Ganoderma australe; Crepidotus cesatii; Melampsora hypericorum and the myxo Fuligo septica.
4th July 2020 - Fletcher Moss, G. Manchester - A walk in the miserable rain produced a few fungi:- Caloboletus radicans; Parasola conopilus; Coprinellus disseminatus; Parasola plicatilis; Crepidotus cesatii; Lachnum virgineum; Stereum rugosum; Erysiphe heraclei; Nectria cinnabarina; Byssomerulius corium; Trochila ilicina; Phacidium multivalve; Entomophthora muscae; Ganoderma australe; Stereum hirsutum; Calocera cornea; Bolbitius titubans; Claviceps purpurea; Marasmius rotula; Mycena acicula; Fomitopsis betulina; Trametes gibbosa; Bkerkandera adusta; Crepidotus mollis; Pluteus cervinus; Stereum subtomentosum; Pleurotus ostreatus; Auricularia auricula-judae; Hyphodontia sambuci; Kuehneromyces mutabilis; Puccinia caricina var. ribesii-pebdulae and the myxo Fuligo septica.
3rd July 2020 - Heaton Mersey Orchard, Stockport, G. Manchester - A long standing and dwindling woodchip pile gave rise to the rather common Coprinopsis lagopus.
1st July 2020 - Heaton Mersey Meadow, Stockport, G. Manchester - A bit of rain, a bit of microscopy and the head frazzled. I did work out Phloeomana speirea found on a twig and a swathe of Inocybe dulcmara underneath Salix.
28th June 2020 - Hartington Meadows, Derbyshire - A couple of rusts were all that was seen, these being:- Puccinia urticata and Phragmidium sanguisorbae.
21st June 2020 - Ainsdale Sands, Lancashire - Marasmius oreades was now up and looking good.
20th June 2020 - Lindow Common, Wilmslow, Cheshire - A bug hunt was had but we saw some fresh Hypholoma fasciculare; Xylaria hypoxylon and Kretzschmaria deusta - it is still a case of slowly does it!
19th June 2020 - Hob Hey Wood, Cheshire - Fungi seen today were:- Puccinia veronicae; Stereum gausapatum; Auricularia auricula-judae; ; Puccinia urticata; Stereum hirsutum; Nectria cinnabarina and Phallus impudicus.
14th June 2020 - Flint Castle to Greenfield Docks - A good walk looking at all sorts but only 3 fungi seen, these were:- Microsphaera alphitoides; Puccinia poarum and Puccinia urticata.
8th June 2020 - Fletcher Moss, Stockport, G. Manchester - Whilst looking at bugs in a Nettle patch I saw Calyptella capula on the dead stems and Puccinia urticata on the living leaves.
7th June 2020 - Alkrington Woods, Stockport, G. Manchester - A walk at a new place for us, whilst looking at all sorts of wildlife we noted a few fungi, these were:- Trametes gibbosa; Hypocrea pulvinata; Trametes versicolor; Fomitopsis betulina; Ganoderma australe; Puccinia pulverulenta; Polyporus squamosus and Bauhinus marginalis.
5th June 2020 - Brookfields Park, Stockport, G. Manchester - Pleurotus ostreatus; Puccinia poarum; Hypoxylon fragiforme and Stereum hirsutum were the only things seen whilst looking at plant life.
5th June 2020 - Cheadle, Stockport, G. Manchester - Laetiporus sulphureus was seen growing from a somewhat healthy looking Black Locust tree.
27th May 2020 - Bramhall Park, Stockport, G. Manchester - Agrocybe rivulosa was on woodchip and Puccinia pulverulenta on Willowherb.
20th May 2020 - Gatley Carrs, Stockport, G. Manchester - Bauhinus marginalis was picked out whilst looking for flies.
17th May 2020 - Carrington Moss, G. Manchester - Only a few fungi were seen whilst looking at bugs, these were:- Seifertia azaleae; Puccinia pulverulenta; Fomitopsis betulina and Annulohypoxylon multiforme.
13th May 2020 - Mirrlees Fields, Stockport, G. Manchester - An early wander looking at bugs, birds and blooms. I did note Vuilleminia comedens; Peniophora quercina and Polyporus squamosus.
9th May 2020 - Stanley Green, Stockport, G. Manchester - Puccinia pulverulenta and Vuilleminia comedens were 2 new fungus for a new site to get on thne fungal map.
8th May 2020 - Chorlton WP, G. Manchester - Melampsorella symphyti was seen on the leaves of Comfrey.
8th May 2020 - Timperley Storage Basin, G. Manchester - Melampsora epitea was found on the leaves of Spindle - it was a new one for me.
3rd May 2020 - The Carrs, Wilmslow, Cheshire - Urocystis anemones was not to be seen on the leaves on Wood Anemone.
2nd May 2020 - Fletcher Moss, Didsbury, G. Manchester - Calocybe gambosa was now in fruit and accompanied by Lyophyllum decastes, Polyporus squamosus and some fresh Auricularia auricula-judae.
29th April 2020 - Ladybrook Cycle Trail, Stockport, G. Manchester - A new area to start recording from. Just 3 species were seen to start the list off, these were:- Puccinia punctiformis; Trametes versicolor and Bjerkandera adusta.
28th April 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, Cheshire - Monolinia johnsonii was seen on the leaves of Hawthorn.
26th April 2020 - Ladybrook Valley, Interest Trail, Stockport, G. Manchester - Microbotryum violaceum was frequent on an early morning pootle.
22nd April 2020 - Poynton Pool, Stockport, Cheshire - 3 rusts were noted whilst birding, these were:- Puccinia tumida; Puccinia aegopodii and Melampsora hypericorum.
17th April 2020 - Chorlton Ees NR, G. Manchester - A few fungi noted were:- Hypoxylon fuscum; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Ganoderma australe; Melampsorella symphyti; Entyloma ficariae; Trametes versicolor and the myxo Enteridium lycoperdon.
15th April 2020 - Sale WP, G. Manchester - Several specimens of Peziza micropus were seen on what was presumed to be an old Willow log.
12th April 2020 - Fletcher Moss, G. Manchester - Some fresh Flammulina velutipes was on show and the Onion Rust (Puccinia allii) was found at the side of the river.
9th April 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Puccinia urticata is now starting to appear on Nettle leaves.

3rd April 2020 - Bruntwood Park, Stockport, G. Manchester - A few regular fungi were seen but the best was 2 fine examples of the Velvet Shield (Pluteus umbrosus) it is a real fave of mine.

2nd April 2020 - Heaton Moor Common, Stockport, G. Manchester - A quick pootle after work for exercise and sanity. Fungi seen were:- Calloria neglecta; Uromyces hyacinthi; Enteridium lycoperdon; Kretzscmaria deusta; Stereum hirsutum and Melampsora allii-populina.
1st April 2020 - Bramhall Park, Stockport, G. Manchester - Whilst on the 2-wheeled contraption I hopped off and checked for a few fungi, the outcome was:- Ganoderma australe; Lycoperdon pyriforme; Entyloma ficariae; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Trametes gibbosa and Gloeophyllum sepiarium.
30th March 2020 - Ladybrook Valley, Interest Trail, Stockport, G. Manchester - A bike ride, a quick pootle and home - fungi seen were:- Daedaleopsis confragosa; Mensularia radiata; Melampsora allii-populina; Entyloma ficariae; Stereum hirsutum; Auricularia auricula-judae; Kretzchmaria deusta; Exidia nucleata and Trametes versicolor.
20th March 2020 - Lee Valley Country Park (Southern half), Essex - Looking at the birds but fungi noted were:- Puccinia malvacearum; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Ganoderma australe; Datronia mollis; Polyporus squamosus plus the ubiquitous myxo Enteridium lycoperdon.
19th March 2020 - Tittesworth Reservoir, Staffordshire - A new place and on a birding wander but of course, a few fungi were seen and recorded, these were:- Rhopographus filicinus; Peniophora quercina; Auricularia auricula-judae; Hyphodontia sambuci; Trichaptum abietinum; Stereum hirsutum; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Daldinia concentrica; Trametes versicolor; Lycoperdon pyriforme; Puccinia lapsanae; Fomitopsis betulina; Heterobasidion annosum; Bjerkandera adusta; Xylaria hypoxylon; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Taphrina betulina plus the myxo Enteridium lycoperdon.
16th March 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Uromyces ficariae was seen for the first time this year - it keeps the old noggin ticking.
14th March 2020 - Aqualate Mere, Staffordshire - A few fungi were seen whilst watching the birdies. The list was:- Phellinus pomaceus; Schizopora paradoxa; Puccinia lagenophorae; Stereum gausapatum; Kretzschmaria deusta; Uromyces hyacinthi; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Trametes versicolor; Exidia glandulosa; Fomes fomentarius and the myxo Enteridium lycoperdon.
14th March 2020 - Doxey Marshes, Staffordshire - The white rotting fungus Phellinus igniarius was doing its bit with a few Willows highly weakened. The only other fungi seen were Stereum hirsutum and Bjerkandera adusta but we were sidetracked by the birds.
2nd March 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Uromyces dactylidis is now out as is Melampsora allii-populina - rust-tastic! Gloeophyllum sepiarium was noted on an old fence.
2nd March 2020 - Cheadle Heath Nomads, Stockport, G. Manchester - More work on the nature area, by heck doing it all on my todd is taking ages. Fungi seen were:- Kretzchmaria deusta; Leptosphaeria acuta; Phragmidium bulbosum and Entyloma ficariae.
1st March 2020 - Carrington Moss, G. Manchester - A few fungi were recorded whilst looking for birds, there being:- Taphrina betulina; Fomitopsis betulina; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Coprinellus micaceus; Pucciniastrum epilobii; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Auricularia auricula-judae; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Exidia nucleata; Seifertia azaleae; Nectria cinnabarina; Rhytisma acerinum; Lycoperdon perlatum and Rhopographus filicinus.
23rd February 2020 - Ball Grove NR to Wycoller CP, Colne, Lancashire - Fungi now start to go on the back-burner as I indulge in other areas of natural history - the few species seen today on a birding walk were:- Tubaria furfuracea; Coprinellus micaceus; Auricularia auricula-judae; Hyphodontia sambuci; Hypoxylon petriniae; Daldinia concentrica; Xylaria hypoxylon and Trametes gibbosa.
22nd February 2020 - Goodwood Field, Sale, G. Manchester - A walk arouind a field prior to some Non-League Action - Albugo candida; Exidia plana; Rhytisma acerinum; Sphaeopsis sapinea and Torula herbarum were a few fungi seen.
16th February 2020 - Wythenshawe Park, G. Manchester - A walk to clear the head, the few fungi seen were:- Calvatia gigantea; Stereum hirsutum; Byssomerulius corium; Heterobasidion annosum; Sphaeropsis sapinea; Schizopora paradoxa; Vuilleminia comedens; Exidia glandulosa; Peniophora quercina; Tremella foliacea; Aurucularia auricula-judae; Coprinellus micaceus; Flammulina velutipes; Puccinia lapsanae; Geastrum triplex; Xylaria hypoxylon; Puccinia caricina var. ribesii-pendulae; Bjerkandera adusta; Trametes versicolor; Exidia nucleata; Exidia plana; Dacrymyces stillatus; Chondrostereum purpureum; Ganoderma australe; Melampsora euphorbiae; Xanthoriicola physciae; Anthrinium phaeospermum and Daedaleopsis confragosa.
11th February 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - On a windy day I cycled home and spent a short while beneath some whispering Willows. There was little to see except a tucked away example of Mycena tenerrima and some Ganoderma australe. Nearby was a small Silver Birch stump bore some Trametes versicolor and a cluster of Coprinellus micaceus on the buried roots.
10th February 2020 - Cheadle Heath Nomads, Stockport, G. Manchester - A bit of work at the local footy ground, a few fungi seen:- Tubaria furfuracea; Xylaria carpophila; Auricularia auricula-judae; Trametes versicolor; Cylindrobasidium laeve; Byssomerulius corium; Coleroa robertiana and Nectria cinnabrina.
2nd February 2020 - Talacre, Flintshire - Whilst doing a spot of birding we noted a few fungi, these were:- Mycena tenerrima; Tulostoma brumale; Puccinia arenariae; Claviceps purpurea; Puccinia smyrnii; Oidium euonymi-japonici; Flammulina velutipes; Illosporiopsis christiansenii; Coleosporium tussilaginis and Puccina malvacaerum.
31st January 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Polyporus leptocephalus was the last fungus of the month seen and recorded.
30th January 2020 - Heaton Moor, Stockport, G. Manchester - A dinnertime walk, Fomitopsis betulina; Galerina clavata; Arthinium phaeospermum; Polyporus brumalis; Trametes versicolor; Byssomerulius corium; Melampsora euphorbiae; Chondrostereum purpureum and Uromyces hyacinthi were the few fungi seen.
29th January 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Puccinia veronicae was on the leaves of Wood Speedwell - it is a new one for the year - they all count.
27th January 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Terana caerula was doing well on a few dead Gorse branches - always a joy to see.
27th January 2020 - Fletcher Moss, G. Manchester - A walk with one eye on the fungi, species seen were:- Daldinia concentrica; Exidia glandulosa; Bjerkandera adusta; Puccinia caricina var. ribesii-pendulae; Albugo candida; Trametes versicolor; Heterobasidion annosum; Calyptella capula; Calloria neglecta; Fomitopsis betulina; Stereum hirsutum; Dacrymyces stillatus; Auricularia auricula-judae; Cylindrobasidium laeve; Phloeomana speirea; Datronia mollis; Sarcomyxa serotina; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Hyphodontia sambuci; Vuilleminia comedens; Phoma samararum; Phomopsis pterophila; Lyophyllum decastes; Xylaria hypoxylon; Chondrostereum purpureum; Mycena tenerrima; Trametes gibbosa; Phellinus igniarius; Ganoderma australe; Coprinellus micaceus; Peniophora quercina; Schizopora paradoxa; Nectria cinnabarina; Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma; Stereum subtomentosum; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Hypoxylon petriniae; Cudoniella clavus; Postia subcaesia; Leptosphaeria acuta; Torula herbarum; Flammulina velutipes; Mycena amicta; Crepidotus cesatii; Stereum rugosum; Illosporiopsis christiansenii; Mollisia ligni; and Crepidotus mollis.
25th January 2020 - Marbury CP, Cheshire - A birding wander with only a few fungi noted, the best was Polyporus brumalis, a veritable favourite of mine and a new addition to the annual tally.
19th January 2020 - Sale WP, G. Manchester - A walk in the fog, a few fungi seen and recorded:- Trametes gibbosa; Stereum hirsutum; Calloria neglecta; Pleurotus ostreatus; Auricularia auricula-judae; Xylaria hypoxylon; Byssomerulius corium; Exidea nucleata; Stictis stellata; Trametes versicolor; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma; Fomitopsis betulina; Coprinellus micaceus; Datronia mollis; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Ganoderma australe; Chondrostereum purpureum; Tubaria furfuracea; Nectria cinnabarina; Cylindrobasidium laeve; Bjerkandera adusta; Kuehneromyces mutabilis; Cudoniella clavus; Hyphodontia sambuci; Coprinopsis atramentaria; Lycoperdon pyriforme; Crepidotus cesatii; Crepidotus luteolus; Phoma samararum; Phomopsis pterophila; Mycena filopes; Crepidotus cesatii; Mycena tenerrima and Crepidotus mollis.
18th January 2020 - Bingley St Ives, W. Yorkshire - It is always nice to visit somewhere new and even though we got a good trot on we managed to ID a few fungi, these being:- Stereum hirsutum; Stereum rameale; Stereum gausapatum; Stereum rugosum; Stereum sanguinolentum; Auricularia-auricula-judae; Exidia nucleata; Rhytisma acerinum; Xylaria hypoxylon; Trametes versicolor; Rhopographus filicinus; Hypoxylon howeanum; Trichaptum abietinum; Exidia glandulosa; Taphrina betulina; Fomitopsis betulina; Sphaeropsis sapinea; Fomes fomentarius; Seifertia azaleae; Xylaria carpophila; Lycoperdon pyriforme; Pleurotus ostreatus; Mycema tenerrima; Hypoxylon fragiforme; Trametes gibbosa; Hyphodontia sambuci; Phragmidium violaceum; Ganoderma australe; Leptosphaeria acuta; Lophodermium pinastri; Calcarisporium arbuscula and Dacrymyces stillatus.
12th January 2020 - Philips Park, Bury, G. Manchester - A second walk ofthe day, primarily for the exercise but, as always, we recorded a few fungi, these being:- Panellus stipticus; Merismodes anomola; Psathyrella piluliformis; Dacrymyces stillatus; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Seifertia azaleae; Xylaria carpophila; Trametes versicolor; Tubaria furfuracea; Coprinellus micaceus; Trametes gibbosa; Auricularia auricula-judae; Flammulina velutipes; Exidia nucleata; Stereum gausapatum; Xylaria hypoxylon; Stereum hirsutum; Kretzschmaria deusta; Exidia recisa; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Puccina caricina var. ribesii-pendulae; Lycoperdon pyriforme; Crepidotus variabilis; Stereum rugosum; Cylindrobasidion laeve and Hyphodontia sambucii.
12th January 2020 - Redisher Woods, Bury, G. Manchester - A walk under dishwater skies, the few fungi seen were:- Diplodia ilicicola; Illosporiopsis christiansenii; Stropharia semiglobata; Byssomerulius corium; Exidia thuretiana; Dacrymyces stillatus; Auricularia auricula-judae; Peniophora quercina; Claviceps purpurea; Trametes versicolor; Sarcomyxa serotina; Hypholoma fasciculare; Piptoporus betulina; Exidia glandulosa; Tubaria furfuracea; Exidia nucleata; Stereum hirsutum; Phacidium multivalve; Phragmidium violaceum; Mycena tenerrima and Rhopographus filicinus.
10th January 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Calyptella capula was seen on an old Nettle stem along with Leptosphaeria acuta and the ubiquitous Bracken Map (Rhopographus filicinus) on, of course, Bracken.
10th January 2020 - Heaton Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Otidea onitica was seen tucked away besides a leaf covered path.
8th January 2020 - Heaton Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Clavulinopsis luteoalba was noted to be still fruiting on a lawn outside work.
7th January 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Peziza micropus was seen for the first time this year.

7th January 2020 - Heaton Moor, Stockport, G. Manchester - A walk in the dinner break, Geoglossum fallax; Hygrocybe reidii; Coprinellus micaceus; Coniophora puteana; Xylaria carpophila; Chondrostereum purpureum and Melampsora euphorbiae were all noted to be still producing spore-producing bodies.

4th January 2020 - Astbury Mere, Cheshire - A pre-footy walk, we had our main peepers on the birds but recorded a few fungi along the way:- Stereum hirsutum; Mycena tenerrima; Datronia mollis; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Trametes gibbosa; Flammulina velutipes; Tubaria furfuracea; Hyphodontia sambuci; Auriscalpium vulgare; Dacrymyces stillatus; Rhytisma acerinum; Sphaeropsis sapinea; Exidia nucleata; Auricularia auricula-judae; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Xylaria hypoxylon; Diatrype stigma; Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma; Trametes versicolor; Crepidotus luteolus; Phragmidium violaceum; Crepidotus cesatii; Diatrype bullata; Hypoxylon fragiforme and Byssomerulius corium.
3rd January 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Only a few fungi seen due to being on the bike, these were:- Bjerkandera adusta; Tubaria furfuracea; Crepidotus mollis; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Geastrum triplex; Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma; Phragmocephala atra; Crepidotus cesatii; Crocicreas cyathoideum; Leptosphaeria purpurea and Torula herbarum.
2nd January 2020 - Knott End, Lancashire - A spot of birding and a quick mooch for a few fungal examples. The few species uncovered were:- Xylaria hypoxylon; Clitocybe fragrans; Mycena pura; Rhodocollybia butyracea; Sphaeropsis sapinea; Peniophora incarnata; Byssomerulius corium; Auricularia auricula-judae; Nectria flavoviridis; Gnomonia cerastris; Resupinatus applicatus; Periconia byssoides; Mycena filopes; Dendryphion comosum; Belonidium sulphureum; Tremella mesenterica; Mycena galericulata and Stereum hirsutum.
1st January 2020 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - A few fungi were seen as I headed to some Non-League Football. Species noted were:- Trametes versicolor; Xylaria hypoxylon; Puccinia caricina-ribesii; Tubaria furfuracea; Flammulina velutipes; Rhytisma acerinum; Daldinia concentrica; Puccinia hieracii; Galerina clavata; Cumminsiella mirabilissima and Stereum hirsutum were the few common species seen to get the new recording year under way.